BizBox Traveling Showroom, Stage, or Office

January 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Seller Tools

BizBox Showroom

A company in Indiana is answering the question of how to carry your office or showroom with you on the road. BizBox has come up with a selection of trailers that easily convert to a stand-alone buildings.


BizBox Showroom Trailers

Depending on the model, it could be an art store, retail center, sales office, showroom, stage, car showcase, or pretty much whatever you need it to be. These traveling boxes are customizable and can have exterior wraps. (See customer page for some examples.)


BizBox – Indiana

BizBox has additional offices in Phoenix and Denver and products located in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Michigan.

While a BizBox might be too much pocket change for a beginning Entrepreneur, it is a thought to consider, perhaps converting a less expensive storage trailer or RV trailer could work. When you see the world around you, look beyond the obvious and consider the “thoughts”, what could be done differently, what could be changed to help you succeed.




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