Taking Care of Yourself

January 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

Chill - It's Sunday.

Being successful in business often goes hand-in-hand with being successful in your personal life. Granted there are many dysfunctional people who have successful careers, but it is nicer if both work for you.


Taking Care of Yourself

One of the biggest suggestions you hear for a good business and personal life combination is to take care of yourself. That does not mean being selfish, it means take some time for yourself, do some things you like. If you work hard and receive no reward, it makes it hard to push forward, people do, because they have families and bills to pay, but enjoying some of the fruits of your labor is a good thing. 

Pick a day(s) and reward yourself with some time off each week. If you work in such a way that you can pick your days off, and you are religious, take the Sabbath off, whatever your religion, honor the Sabbath for your religion. And try not to make other people work on your Sabbath. Stay home and be with family. If you are going to take a little trip, gas up the day before. 


Chill - It's Sunday.


Give Yourself Rewards

Give yourself little rewards. A new shirt is always nice, or perhaps a new purse, new tool, a new book is definitely a great treat, or how about dinner out, now that is nice. We work for many reasons and one is to have the things we want. You might not be able to have everything you want right away, but a small reward can bolster your enthusiasm.


Read Books

There are so many books written for how to improve your life, read some books. I don’t believe I ever read a book that I did not learn some little pearl of wisdom. Many of the books may sound the same, but each book has it’s own character and point of view.

Determine your reading interest and set a schedule for yourself to read a new book, it does not have to be on self-help, just any subject or novel, reading expands the brain, and broadens your horizons, so they say. 🙂 Reading is your private time, take it.


Take Care of Your Physical Self

Also be sure to take care of the physical you. Working long hours tends to make us stressed and leads to snacking rather than eating. If you have to snack, make sure you are in control of your snacks. Obviously healthy snacks are the best, but don’t beat yourself up, just think about what you buy for snacks. If it is not around, you won’t eat it. Buy portion size snacks, like instead of a huge bag of chips, buy the small, snack size. Instead of a huge soda, buy the small 12 ounce size. When you are working you probably tend not a pay attention to what you are eating, stop working, sit down quietly for a few minutes and eat your snack.


Don’t Judge Yourself Too Harshly

Perhaps the biggest thing, to my mind anyway, is to not be over-judgmental about your work. If you are an entrepreneur many things can and will go wrong, it is a learning experience. It is the not trying that is wrong, within reason of course, throwing your life’s savings away on a risky endeavor is not entrepreneurship that is a gamble. Many people have succeeded with a gamble, but think about the risk. The young don’t have much to lose, they can start over, but seniors don’t have that luxury, so think long and hard before taking that deep dive. But back to trying, everyone quotes Thomas A. Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So take care of yourself, by giving yourself an emotional break.


Thomas Edison Quote


Find the things that make your life easier and happier. If you go thought life only seeking money, you might wake up one day and realize that you missed life. Money is good, but in your quest to obtain money, hang onto your life.



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