Pinners Conference 2017 – Arlington, TX

October 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Events

Pinners Conference & Expo

Pinners Conference & Expo


I recently attended a 2-day Pinners Conference here in North Texas at the Arlington Convention Center. I was amazed at the attendance, it was staggering, and the around 200 exhibitors were varied and interesting. The ideas for crafting, for earning income, for direct marketing opportunities, and other income ideas were abounding.

I was thinking that the Pinners Conference would be about social media and Pinterest, but it was about Entrepreneurship. What a great opportunity to learn with so much going on at the conference. And the ticket price was very small.

It was an outstanding event to get ideas for items to made, direct marketing groups to join, products to sell, and loads of instructional classes to learn new skills. If you can go, be sure to stop at every booth and figure out what they are doing, watch which booths are busy and notice what people are buying. I notice that some direct marketing people pooled resources and shared the cost of a booth, which I thought was a great idea. 

Consider attending some of the instructional classes, even if you are not a crafter. There was a whopping big number of instructional classes, mostly about crafting, around 100 – that is a 1 followed by two zeros. So you might be surprised and find a couple that interest you.

It is truly and great experience. If my schedule will allow, I will be going again next year.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to be in the area of an upcoming Pinners Conference, here is a list of the states: AZ – CA – GA – MN – UT – TX. I believe that Arizona and Utah are the only two states with events left for this year. –