About This Website


For Buyers: The idea behind Dorangle Marketplace is simply to give buyers a place to easily locate the specialty products and services they long to find with emphasis on helping them find local sellers right in their own neighborhood.

For Sellers: The objective is to give people who work from home a resource to reach their potential buyers and clients. Home based business people faithfully sell products from Avon to Zija. Artist who create wondrous pictures and images and even transfer their creations to products like T-Shirts. Writers of amazing Books and insightful Blogs. People who provide much needed services such as Website Design and Marketing Services, like how to successfully use Social Media. Nimble fingered crafters, spinning out lovely clothing, gifts, and jewelry. Wood Artisans who turn blocks of wood into imaginative creations and unique furniture. And people who laboriously sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplaces. Individuals who are working hard to provide you with fine quality goods and services while working from home.


Why Do People Work From Home?

People work from home for many reasons, from independence, to financial goals, to being able to stay at home with their children. Some people may not be comfortable in the busy, crazy world outside of their home. People with handicaps may find it easier to work from home. Others may prefer to save on expenses like gasoline. There are people who want the freedom of not being locked into a eight-to-five job, even though they may actually work longer hours and sacrifice corporate benefits. Many people love the adventure of working from home, each day is new and different. There are people who enjoy the creativity that working for themselves allows. Some people want to dare to dream bigger and discover a new life.



People Meeting People

I believe we become better people by interacting and communicating with other people. Working from home can be a solitary endeavor; hopefully this website will help connect home based sellers with their potential buyers, for more than a financial gain, but a social gain as well, and maybe even make some new friends. The same is true for buyers, purchasing from a local seller helps a small business, but may also lead to an interesting social engagement and maybe a new friend. You never know where you will find a friend! I believe we learn and benefit from each person who crosses our path, even the bad ones can possibly lead us to something good.


Benefits of the Site:

  • A map to locate distributors for your favorite products.
  • Contact information to help you communicate with home based businesses near you.
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter pages for addition communication options.
  • A Seller Info section with helpful resources for home based businesses.
  • A blog with thoughts and helpful ideas and services.

Who Is Marked on the Map:

  • Network Marketing Distributors for Avon, Mary Kay, Advocare, Scentsy, Amway, and lots more.
  • Network Marketing Companies.
  • Artists and Crafters.
  • Writers of Books and Blogs.
  • Web Designers and Social Media Advisors.
  • Professional Service Providers.
  • Marketplace Sellers on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other places.

For You!

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this website, and discover wonderful businesses and services that are sitting right in your backyard, but please remember that these people are strangers and you should be cautious when encountering strangers. The same is true for sellers, there is always a risk when you put yourself out there, use good sense, take a few minutes to read up on the best practices for meeting and selling to strangers.

Many Thanks!

I would like to give sincere thanks to a few Home Based Business people who allowed me to use their names and the products they represent so that I could create ads to give this website a “busy” look and help me see how it worked and looked as I created it.

  • Amy – Writer & Author
  • Alesha – Jamberry Nails
  • Bill – RV Park Management Software
  • Craig – Free Auto Mailing Lists
  • Dennis – Kustomfit Horse Halters & Dog Collars
  • Donna – Stained Glass Art
  • Emily – Asea
  • Florence – Zija
  • Iris – St. Nick Clothing
  • Jennifer – Scentsy
  • Judy – Pampered Chef
  • Lisa – Heavenly Treasure Jewelry
  • Michele – AdvoCare
  • Mike – Rustic Reflection
  • Rebecca – Rodan + Fields
  • Sonyaa – Surprise Supply
  • Tracy – Rodan + Fields
  • Valerie – Youngevity

Thank you:

I would like to thank several people for listening when I needed to share my frustrations and for their continued words of encouragement along the way, as I repeatedly considered totally giving up on this idea. My wonderful cousin Paula, who listened to me unendingly speak of this project, but never stopped listening. Sonyaa, of Surprise Supply, who helped and encouraged me along the way. Thanks to my new-found PremiumPress friend, Megan, who helped me understand this WP-Theme. And many thanks to my WordPress friends, Robin, and Nancy who pushed me to do better, to make this website better, thank you Nancy. But I mostly want to thank my husband, who has patiently tolerated my late nights, and long hours of struggling with this project. Thanks to you all. And thanks to those of you who are using and sharing this website. Yes, please share!

Thanks! Marilyn-Kaye.


Laptop Marilyn-Kaye


How This Website Idea Came To Be

This website is for any type of home based business and buyers for their products. My personal experience was two pronged, both as a buyer and as a seller. A number of years ago, as a buyer, I wanted to buy a certain mascara, but I could not find a local representative, the Internet makes this a bit easier now. But also I become involved with a Network Marketing product that I really believed in. I looked around on the Internet for a marketplace that I felt would work for me to present this product, but I could not find one I liked. (Many Network Marketing companies do not allow their distributors to sell their products on marketplaces such a eBay or Amazon.  This site is designed for people to sell themselves as representatives of their product or service.)

I also knew of other home business people who were also searching for a way to promote their products online. So I decided to build my own website that I could also share with other home based business people. Building a website like this is not an easy undertaking. It took me a couple of years of trying and failing, and a great deal of frustration, until I finally found a software program that could help me create this website.

I am happy to finally have a finished website that I pray will help other small business owners, like myself, have a vehicle to reach their potential buyers, and for buyers to find the products and services they desire to find locally. I hope this website is useful to many types of home based business, but if you are considering a Network Marketing endeavor, I feel the way to approach Network Marketing is not how much money you can earn, but do you like the product, do you use the product, do you believe in the product? But most importantly, are you doing good, are you helping others?

To quote Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” This does not mean selling someone a car, or insurance, or a house, it means helping them to find the right purchase, helping them get financed, helping them get what they want.


Zig Ziglar Quote


Final Thoughts

Before you invest in any product or business, take a minute to think it through, are you buying into hype or investing a viable product. Consider keeping your investment limited until you determine if the business model will work for you. If I am only being asked to invest a hundred, two hundred dollars, I think that is reasonable, but if hundreds to thousands of dollars are required to get full access, I walk away until I have time to think it over; that is a serious investment that should require my serious thought and consideration, not an emotional on-the-spot decision. If you do decide to invest in a reasonable cost business plan or product, and it doesn’t work out, consider it an investment in your education and ask yourself, what did I learn? I personally have always learned new and interesting things from seminars, lectures, and books, things that I would not have learned just sitting at home watching some comedy show on TV. We learn from our experiences.

Welcome to Dorangle Marketplace, enjoy your visit, and please come back often.