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I have tried to find interesting articles and blogs related to Entrepreneurship, including Network Marketing, but also included are articles that are against Network Marketing. While there are plenty of people who love selling cosmetics, jewelry and such to family and friends, I believe in looking at all sides of the equation.

But a personal note here. I remember one of the most fun things my mother did when I was a kid, and I got to help, was to host Sarah Coventry parties in a contest to earn a whole jewelry box full of lovely Sarah Coventry Jewelry. My mother was not a distributor, just a party hostess. My mother won! By winning, my mom also helped the distributor win a prize! We had so much fun! People can love Network Marketing or they can hate it, but life and business are relative to what you enjoy and what makes you happy!

I can not list the whole Internet, the article links on this page are just a few to get you started reading.

Articles are great for quick reading, but sit down and read the classic books by Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie, they are indeed timeless jewels of information, truly. And newer motivators like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield, are outstanding reading.



Articles For Entrepreneurs

4 Differences Between Solopreneurs and an Entrepreneur Working Alone – by John Rampton – Entrepreneur – 05-15-2015

10 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Needs To Read – PickTheBrain – 05-21-2015

10 Must Read Books for Business Owners – SiteProNews – 05-12-2014

12 Things That Are Awesome About Being a Solopreneur – by Neil Patel – Entrepreneur – 12-02-2015

Amway leads availability ratings in September – Internet Retailer 10-17-2012

Avon and Fire Mountain Gems break into the top 10 list of most engaging e-retailers – 03-18-2016

Avon Lets Reps Embrace Social Media, But What about eBay and Craigslist? eCommerceBytes – 10-10-2014

Discover the Top 25 Network Marketing Companies in the World – by Michael Clouse – Nexera

EzineArticles – Find many articles with a search for Network Marketing, MLM, Work From Home, etc.

EzineArticles – Submit your own articles that link back to you replicated website or individual website.

Have Trouble Focusing? by Brad and Debra Schepp – Auctiva – 03-05-2015

How Pyramid Schemes Work – by How Stuff Works

How to Market to Generation Z Shoppers – eCommerce Bytes – 01-25-2017

Is the FTC ramping up regulation of the MLM Industry? – Attorney and Business Consultant, Jeff Babener – 01-08-2017

Legitimate or Scam? Internet Income and Opportunity Reviews – by ScamExposer

Lessons from Failed Startups – Autopsy

MLM Distributor Success – Knowing the Basics – Babener & Associates – 

MLM Online How to Build Online in 5 Basic Steps – MLM Online – EzineArticles

MLM The Truth – by Dr. Jon M. Taylor

Newly created New Avon names a CEO – Internet Retailer – 04-19-2016

Senior Citizens Start More Business Than Young – Business-Opportunities – 12-01-2013

Succeed As A Solopreneur – by Dennis L. Prince – Auctiva – 02-24-2015

The Secret to Increased Productivity – by Joe Robinson – Entrepreneur – 05-30-2016

What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing? by Dean Van Druff

Why Passive Income Websites are a Waste of Time (and How WordPress Can Earn You More Money) – WPMUDEV – Brenda Barron – 04-29-2016

You Can Become A Millionaire – by Dennis L. Prince – Auctiva – 04-02-2015

Zija – Why Promoting the $50,000 Monthly Pay Checks Will Destroy Your MLM “Zija” Business – EzineArticles


Articles – Social Media

How to Host a Twitter Chat – by Amberley Dressler – 02-17-2016

Twitter Chats 101: A Step-by-Step Guide To Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat – By Nicole Miller – 08-20-2014


Articles – Trade Shows

22 Tips on How to Operate a Trade Show Booth – by Jason Calacanis

How to Run a Successful Trade Show Booth – Business-Opportunities – 09-11-2009


Entrepreneurial Videos on YouTube

I have only glanced at these, this list is just to give you an idea of what is available on YouTube and other Video and Podcast sources.

How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

How to Start a Business From Home

How to Use Facebook for Recruiting in Network Marketing – Social Media Strategies

MLM Prospecting With Facebook – How To Find People on Facebook Training


Misc. Articles

A Reminder That Your Instagram Photos Aren’t Really Yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,000 – by Jessica Contrera – The Washington Post – 05-25-


I'm so happy today! Wait...I'm happy everyday!


Blogs and Magazines Related to Work From Home Ventures

A MLM Skeptic

A Work At Home Jobs

Addicted 2 Success

Affiliate Sales

Boss Mom (and podcast)

Business For Home

Business Rockstars (webinars and podcast)

Danielle LaPorte

Eventual Millionaire Blog

Foundr (magazine and podcast)

Fraud Files Forensic Accounting Blog

John Frazier’s Entrepreneur Blog

Nexera – Michael Clouse

MLM Business Blueprint

MLM Companies

MLM Help Desk

MLM Legal

My Internet Quest

My Online Business Empire Review – Another Obvious Scam? (MOBE)

MTTB System Scam Review – Can Matt Lloyd be Trusted? (With reader comments.)


Jackie Ulmer (and podcast)

Small Business Brief

Success Insider (and podcast)

The Entourage@entourageoz (Twitter)

The Solopreneur Hour (podcast)

The Solopreneur Life

The Solopreneur Specialist Blog

Ways to Avoid Scams Online


Other Interesting Sources

20 Quotes for Entrepreneurs – HamEBooks – 09-19-2011

50 Great Entrepreneurial Quotes – Travis McAshan

61 Amazing Quotes by Dale Carnegie – Quote Sigma

Jim Rohn Quotes – GoodReads

Paul Williams @Paul_O_Williams – Motivational quotes, Tweets and Retweets.

Top 10 Quotes For EntrepreneursAlejandro Cremades – 04-15-2014

Zig Ziglar Quotes – Ziglar, Inc.


Facebook Support/Discussion Groups

Direct Sales/Network Marketing

Online Business BFF’s


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