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Why Build Your Own Website
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Today the world revolves around the Internet and having an Internet presence is almost essential. Just a simply website that says what your business is and includes your contact information can be a great help to your success. If you represent a Network Marketing company and they provide you with a website, that is good thing, but if the company allows you to have your own website or blog, why not, having a website could put you ahead of the pack. So why build your own website? Because it allow you to say more, share who you are, and it might just give you a foot up in a Google search.

If you have a product or service to sell perhaps you already have a website, but if not here is some helpful information. First lesson, a website and a blog are both websites and can be stand-alone or together. The blog portion is coded to store information in a certain order, usually by date, and to be sorted into categories, there is more but that is the simple explanation.

If you are working with a Network Marketing company they may have provided you with a replicated website, a site that is duplicate in appearance to all of the other distributors for that company. But you may want to create your own website or blog, and don’t for get Facebook which has selling pages now. While many Network Marketing companies do not allow distributors to sell products directly from a personal website, they may allow the presentation of the product on a personal website with a link to the official replicated website. Also, they may allow a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and so on. You will need to read the terms and conditions for the company you are associated with.

What is a Replicated Website? by Navid Safabakhsh

Website Building Basics – The basics for building a website. (At this website under “Seller Info”.)



Your website or blog only needs to be simple to at least give yourself some exposure, but here is an example of a professional sales page, it is for Jeunesse Global product.

Patric Chan’s – The Passive Wealth

If you are at this site as a shopper you might also have an interest in creating your very own website. The information at this website strives to present the basic information for anyone to create their own website.

If you have a serious interest in going beyond the very basics, this is, to my mind, the foremost resource magazine, and you can get free home delivered issues. Website Magazine.


Resources for Website Building

How to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts – WPBeginner

Unsplash – Royalty Free Images emailed to you weekly, or browse online.

For blogger there are groups on Facebook to find tips and help:

Blogging 101


Online Business BFFs


Website Building Articles

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces – by Douglas Bonneville – Smashing Magazine – 11-04-2010

Top 50 Affiliate Themes For WordPress.

Web Sellers’ Lunch Club page – Create Your Own Store


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People who are in business advertise! People who play at business don't.


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