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Why is my listing not showing up?

You registered and filled out membership information, but that is not a listing. For a listing to appear you simply need to  create a listing, either click the “Add Listing” button or go to your member account and “Create Listing”. Note, “Create Listing” is also the button to modify your listing.

Why is my picture cropped?

The maximum picture size is 900px by 900px. If your picture is larger than 900px you will need to reduce the size before uploading your image to this site. It is a simple thing to do. Most computers have an image preview option that allows sizing of images. Also there are websites that offer free image sizing, Pixlr is one example, and there are others.

Do I qualify as a Home Based Business?

For this website, a home based business includes a person who sells a product or service by themselves or with a family member or close friend, but does not rely a physical retail location to sell their product or service. This does not exclude people who put items for sell in a booth at a craft mall, an antique mall, a flea market, or sell from a mobile showroom or food truck. It also does not exclude people who post their products for sale at an Online Marketplace, such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Also not excluded are people who have a shop where they create their products, so long as the shop does not double as a non-home retail location. Also included are people who sell business cards and supplies from home such as a reseller or a person who sells business promotional gifts from home, like a Kaeser & Blair representative. However, not included are people who may do some work from home, such as a Realtor or accountant, but who generally maintain an office location, unless they do not have a brick and mortar location.

Is there a cost for additional features?

The Basic Bronze posting of your home business is free, but there is a small fee to upgrade your listing to add additional features.

Why are there so many businesses on the map?

The Map is a Google Map and it shows a multitude of businesses, but only businesses who have registered with this website have profiles and links.

How to I change or modify my listing?

Currently only one listing is allowed per business/person, so the “Add Listing” option is also the “Modify Listing” option.

Can I post if I am outside of the United States of America?

Yes, but only in English. All none English posts will be deleted.

When do I make payment for a listing upgrade?

After you complete your listing and click “Save Listing” a button will appear in the upper right to allow you to “Make Payment”. PayPal payment will be made to:

Why is my ad pending?

If your ad says “Pending” please contact me so I can make it active. Sometimes the program gets confused, for example if you want to downgrade your listing package.

Have a Question?

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