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Network Marketing or Direct Selling can be a tricky wicket, many companies have great products and have withstood the test of time, they offer a real opportunity for people to work from home. But some companies are flash-in-the-pan, great-rich-quick schemes, yeah, they get rich off their investor’s money. So when investing your money consider how long the company has been in business, how much money are they asking you to invest, and consider doing some research to learn more about the company. Now there will always be disgruntled people, to paraphrase President Lincoln, ‘no one can please all of the people all of the time’, but huge numbers of bad reviews might suggest a questionable company.

This website is about giving work from home individuals a great place to showcase their products and services, but it is also about sharing information to help people find the right work from home business, and to that end I will strive to include ALL related resources and information, even if it is in direct competition to this site. I can take the competition, if it helps others achieve their goals, or if it saves even just one person from making a costly mistake.


Network Marketing Resources

Business For Home

Direct Selling Association

Direct Selling News

Entrepreneur Magazine

MLM Legal

Pinterest Search (Try other searches.) has various magazines for Entrepreneurs and general business. Examples: Entrepreneur, Home Business, Inc., Startups, Success, Making Money From Photography, and Fast Company. – Amazing Magazine Subscriptions with No Auto Renewals at!


Social Media Resources

Obvious ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

Nextdoor – Private social network for your neighborhood.


Network Marketing Company Lists and Information Websites


Best Direct Sales Companies

Business For Home Directory


Direct Sales Aid


Find a Party Consultant


iShop@Home Canadian

MLM Gods

MLM Rankings – Top Ranked

MLM Rankings – Directory

MLM Watch Dog




Top MLM Companies 2016


Network Marketing Review Websites (including Scam Alerts)

There are people who create their own self-serving review websites, I have tried to not include self-promoting websites in this list, if I have included some by error, please let me know.

Fake Business Opportunity Review Sites – by ScamExposer

Review websites – Remember for the most part these are opinions and some may have personal motivations.

A Work At Home Jobs – Blog with reviews.

HighYa – Consumer Reviews

Index of Scams – by Ethan Vanderbilt.

MLM Companies – by Online Marketing with Vince – Blog with a few reviews.

MLM Reviews – by BehindMLM

Product Reviews – by OneMoreCupOfCoffee

Product Reviews A-Z – by Bare Naked Scam

RealScam – Forum and Blog

RipOff Report – Site search for company reviews.

Scams and Schemes – by A MLM Skeptic.

Scam Reviews – by ScamExposer (Also has list of recommended and not recommended.)

Scams – by MakeRealMoneyOnlineFree (Also has list of recommended and not recommended.)

Ways to Avoid Scams Online – Blog with reviews.

Web Traffic Lounge – Blog

People who are in business advertise! People who play at business don't.